Leadership and Governance

Board of Directors

  • Scott Berkowitz, President and Founder
  • Regan Burke, Chairperson
  • Cybele Daley, Treasurer
  • Katherine Miller
  • Tracy Sefl, Secretary

Board members serve one (1) year terms.


Senior Leadership

Scott Berkowtiz, President and Founder
Scott Berkowitz
President and Founder

Kati Lake, Vice President of Communications
Kati Lake
Vice President of Consulting Services

Rebecca O'Connor, Vice President of Public Policy
Rebecca O'Connor
Vice President of Public Policy

Jodi Omear, Vice President of Communications
Jodi Omear
Vice President of Communications

Andrea Pagano-Reyes
Vice President of Development

Keeli Sorensen
Vice President of Victim Services


Pro Bono Counsel


Program Advisory Board

These leaders in the field of anti-sexual violence lend their expertise to help RAINN improve and expand our programs and services.