RAINN is a trusted resource for safety information, statistics, and expert commentary. If you are a member of the media working on a story regarding sexual violence, please contact:



Include the National Sexual Assault Hotline in your story to connect audiences with support:

National Sexual Assault Hotline

800.656.HOPE and

En Español:




From Capitol Hill, to college campuses, and everywhere in between—RAINN is working to change the way people think about and respond to sexual violence. Stay up to date with the latest from RAINN. 

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Programs and Expertise

RAINN staff work together to provide best-in-class services for survivors, inform and educate the nation about sexual violence, and improve the public policy and criminal justice response to sexual violence.

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Statistics can help the public better understand crimes of sexual violence and help researches spot trends and patterns. 

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Tips for Interviewing Survivors

As journalists continue to cover stories related to sexual assault or abuse, it can be helpful to have a better understanding of how to interview survivors of these type of crimes.

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Key Terms and Phrases

As a member of the media, you may have questions about which terms to use when discussing sexual violence. 

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Request a Survivor

Request a survivor to speak at your event or contribute to your project. Fill out the request form 4 to 6 weeks before your event or deadline so that we can best match you to a survivor from the RAINN Speakers Bureau. 

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Public Service Announcements

Connect your audience with the help they deserve through the National Sexual Assault Hotline. Actors, musicians, and survivors talk about how the hotline can help.

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Graphics and Banners

Connect even more people with the help they need and deserve. Use the embed codes below to share these graphics via social media or on your website.

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Print Materials

Download print designs for use in your next event. Choose from handouts, banners, or posters.

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We’re here when you need us.

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More than 87 cents of every $1 goes to helping survivors and preventing sexual violence.

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