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As the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, RAINN has the unique, demonstrated expertise to help organizations create best-in-class education and response programs. For more than 20 years, RAINN has worked in a number of ways to assist Americans who have experienced sexual violence domestically and abroad. We are dedicated to working with organizations to better their practices related to the education about, and response to, sexual violence. To do this, we offer a variety of specialized services demonstrated to meet an organization’s specialized needs, including:

          Hotline services
          Program assessments
          Education and training



Hotline Services



While hotline services can play a critical role in many organizations, there are significant challenges to providing and scaling these services—from managing staff and volunteer coverage, to addressing issues related to burnout and retention. RAINN is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of communities affected by sexual violence by providing quality hotline services around the clock at an affordable cost. We offer both the technology infrastructure and the victim services expertise to provide quality, anonymous, and confidential crisis intervention services in English and Spanish, via telephone and online. RAINN partners with local service providers and offers solutions that will ensure survivors receive the help they deserve.

  • Telephone Crisis Intervention Services in English and Spanish. RAINN’s telephone hotline services provide trained sexual assault hotline staff 24/7, in English and Spanish, to support communities with crisis intervention, empathetic listening, and warm handoffs to designated local service providers.
  • Online Crisis Intervention Services in English and Spanish. RAINN provides secure and anonymous online hotline crisis intervention services—customized for any community. The hotline is branded to your community; however, RAINN provides the staffing and secure technology.
  • Texting. RAINN has the capability to provide resources and referrals via SMS, or text messaging. RAINN can provide the platform, and text messages are responded to promptly by trained staff 24/7. RAINN does not provide crisis intervention services via text due to concerns over privacy and confidentiality.


Organizations often have varying levels of protocols and trainings in place to address issues of sexual assault. RAINN provides consulting services to help organizations that are at any point in the process—whether this is the first conversation an organization has had on the topic or there have been policies in place for years. RAINN’s subject matter experts will review and assess individual policies, educational, training, or awareness efforts. RAINN’s team will work with organizational stakeholders to create a customized framework to address these issues in a way that is best suited for the organization’s unique needs, culture, and environment.

Program Assessments

RAINN conducts sexual violence prevention and response program assessments based on leading research, regulatory guidance, and state and federal laws to evaluate program strengths and weaknesses. The result is a set of concrete recommendations that assists organizations in providing best-in-class education and response programs.

The experts at RAINN take a victim-centered, trauma-informed approach to assess programs, policies, services, and trainings that address sexual violence education and response. To ensure all aspects of a program are carefully reviewed, RAINN follows a systematic and replicable methodology:

  • First, RAINN reviews the organization’s existing programs, policies, protocols, trainings, and services.
  • Then, subject matter experts from RAINN conduct site visits to gather additional information through targeted sessions with key personnel.
  • Finally, RAINN assesses the program against evaluation standards to deliver a list of areas where promising practices have been established and a set of concrete recommendations to enable effective and compliant programming.

RAINN tailors all assessments to the specific needs of the organization, including their unique culture and climate. This includes scalable assessment offerings that focus on a single issue such as policy, training, or services.


RAINN is a leader in providing comprehensive sexual assault trainings for professionals and volunteers nationwide. Building off of an in-depth training program for RAINN’s support specialists, we provide training services for companies and organizations. As subject matter experts, RAINN offers several trainings that engage, educate, and prepare adult learners to support survivors of sexual assault. Training modules include, but are not limited to: Sexual Assault 101, Understanding Trauma Responses, and Basics of Crisis Intervention.

RAINN’s educational programs are grounded in research on trauma, as well as best- and promising- practices in the field of adult education, and pulls from extensive experience providing services to victims. Engaging in-person trainings, seminars, and independent practices employ interactive scenarios and real-world applications, incorporating best practices, evidence-based approaches, and strength-based perspectives.


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