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October, 2023 

New California Law Protects Survivors from Retaliation in Court 


Too often, when survivors come forward to tell their stories, they are met with bad faith lawsuits trying to silence them. Thanks to a new law in California, survivors will be better protected from the risks, and costs, of lawsuits.

Following a campaign led by survivor Victoria Burke and supported by RAINN, the legislature passed AB 933, which was signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom. The bill, sponsored by Assembly Members Cecilia Aguiar-Curry and Chris Ward, “is designed to encourage more survivors to speak openly about the assault they experienced.”

Empowering Survivors and Discouraging Abusers

The new law empowers survivors to share their stories without fearing legal repercussions and will serve as a potent deterrent for abusers considering malicious defamation lawsuits. The bill's financial consequences for retaliatory actions create a significant disincentive for those who seek to silence survivors. By removing the threat of legal retaliation, AB 933 encourages survivors to speak out, fostering a safer environment for reporting and public disclosure.

The Impact of RAINN's Advocacy

“When survivors come to us with changes they need, we strive to help,” says Stefan Turkheimer, RAINN’s interim vice president for public policy. In response, RAINN submitted a letter for support that outlined the profound impact AB 933 would have for survivors, encouraging Newsom to sign it into law and prevent Californians from being threatened into silence in the wake of a sexual assault.

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