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Latest News| Nov 14, 2023

13 Anti-Sexual Violence Bills to Know in November

It’s been a packed legislative season this Fall for RAINN's public policy team....

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Latest News | July 12, 2023
RAINN's Speakers Bureau Adds 200 Members

RAINN’s Speakers Bureau is comprised of nearly 3,634 survivors of sexual violence who volunteer to share their stories. These individuals, across the U.S., represent a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences; together they are an invaluable resource of knowledge and strength. Sara Snyder, who...

Latest News | July 12, 2023
Spanish-Speaking Survivors Reach out to La Línea de Ayuda Nacional de Abuso Sexual for Support

RAINN expanded the National Sexual Assault Hotline in 2015 to provide Spanish-language services, to help ensure that more survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones have access to free, confidential, anonymous, 24/7 support in their native language.

Latest News | June 12, 2023
Self-Care: Breathe In, Hold, Breathe Out

Breathing is an important grounding technique for survivors and can help you calm yourself when negative and positive feelings arise. Breathing has many healthy benefits to the body and the mind, and can often increase serotonin and balance out emotions. With added on tasks and responsibilities...

Latest News | June 12, 2023
RAINN’s New Vice President of Victim Services on What Motivates Him to Help Survivors

Jae Pak joined RAINN in 2023 as the vice president of victim services. Before coming to RAINN, Jae has had more than 30 years of experience working with nonprofit and for profit organizations. He sat down with RAINNews’ Sierra Scott to talk about his goals for RAINN and the Victim Services team....

Latest News | June 12, 2023
National Sexual Assault Hotline Supports Spanish-Speaking Survivors and Their Loved Ones

Since 1994, RAINN has served survivors and their loved ones by meeting them where they are in their healing and listening to what they need in their journey. A big part of our mission is to take the necessary steps to ensure that RAINN’s services are survivor-centered, culturally competent and...


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