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Latest News | September 27, 2023
House Introduces Rape Kit Legislation to Improve Local and State Reporting Requirements and Increase Transparency on Backlogs

Washington, D.C. (September 27, 2023) - The failure to test rape kits and DNA evidence enables serial perpetrators to commit violence with impunity. A bill introduced today in the House of Representatives will help fix that. The Rape Kit Backlog Progress Act, sponsored by Reps. Nancy Mace (R-SC-1)...

Latest News | September 20, 2023
RAINN’s Spanish Language Resource Toolkit

RAINN's Spanish Language Resource Toolkit is a comprehensive guide of resources in Spanish for survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones in the Hispanic community. RAINN is committed to expanding support for and increasing access to resources for the Spanish-speaking community. Learn more...

Latest News | September 20, 2023
RAINN Partner Spotlight: Maria Trusa, Founder of Yo Digo No Mȧs

In 2020, Maria Trusa founded Yo Digo No Más, a nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness of child sexual abuse, particularly within Latino/a communities. The organization's mission encompasses prevention, education, and providing mental health resources for survivors and their families....

Latest News | September 20, 2023
RAINN Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month: Elevating Voices, Breaking Barriers

At RAINN, we embrace National Hispanic Heritage Month as an opportunity to spotlight the stories and experiences of sexual abuse survivors within Hispanic and Latino communities. Our commitment is rooted in our mission to amplify voices, provide ongoing support, and address the unique needs of...

Latest News | September 20, 2023
Self-Care: Creative Outlets for Survivors of Sexual Violence

In the journey towards healing and self-care, finding a creative outlet can be a powerful and transformative way for survivors of sexual violence to reconnect with themselves and their inner strength. Here are three creative activities that survivors can explore to help ground themselves and...


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