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Latest News| Feb 15, 2024

Embracing Strength and Hope: A Love Letter to Military Survivors

In "Embracing Strength and Hope: A Love Letter to Military Survivors," RAINN celebrates the resilience of military survivors and highlights the Department of Defense Safe Helpline as a steadfast ally, offering 24/7, anonymous support, worldwide. The team at Safe Helpline sends a message of love, solidarity, and a commitment to providing essential resources for military survivors’ unique healing journey.

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Latest News | May 24, 2022
RAINN Takes Action on Bills this Year in the States

RAINNews’ Sierra Scott sat down with Stefan Turkheimer, director of state legislative affairs, to talk about RAINN’s state policy work over the past year. What are some laws that RAINN has worked on this past year in the states? This past year, we have worked on many bills.

Latest News | May 24, 2022
Online Dating and Social Media Safety on Dating Apps

Technology has increased connections for people all around the world, making it easier for people to find communities, to converse with one another around shared interests, and to explore dating. Online dating was popular before the pandemic but, as isolation amongst Americans skyrocketed, online...

Latest News | April 19, 2022
Non-Profit Expert and Civic Leader on Hope and Self-love

Sophia Shaw is co-founder and managing partner of Acorn Advisors LLC and leads the firm's work with nonprofit clients.

Latest News | April 19, 2022
Tracy's Story

Tracy Green is a survivor of childhood and adolescent sexual abuse (rape). 

Latest News | April 19, 2022
A Huge Thank You to Our Volunteers this Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Volunteer Appreciation Week takes place during the third week of April and it is an opportunity to thank all of our wonderful volunteers at RAINN.


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