A Huge Thank You to Our Volunteers this Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Volunteer Appreciation Week takes place during the third week of April and it is an opportunity to thank all of our wonderful volunteers at RAINN. Our volunteers come from all around the nation and dedicate many hours to keep the National Sexual Assault Hotline running and to support survivors with a listening ear. Our volunteers are essential to achieving RAINN’s mission of ensuring that every survivor has support. Many of these volunteers have shared what their experiences were like working on the National Sexual Assault Hotline and why they decided to volunteer. 


Alison shares why she volunteers and why supporting survivors is so important: "I know first-hand how challenging and isolating healing after trauma can feel. I want survivors to know that they matter, they deserve support and care, and that they do not have to go through any of this alone." 


Tracy highlights how volunteering is one way to  show survivors support and care after sexual violence: “Finding free, quality support as a survivor of sexual violence is extremely rare. We are able to give people hope, resources, and comfort when they might otherwise not be able to find that in their time of pain.” 


Jade Michael is inspired to volunteer with RAINN because of her own experiences and wants every hotline visitor to feel empowered. “I volunteer because visitors deserve support, validation, and empowerment, with safety and privacy as a priority. As a survivor myself, I know firsthand how important advocacy and self-advocacy can be, and I am grateful to have the capacity to help in this way.” 


Laura shares how volunteering with RAINN has helped others find safety and hope in the aftermath of sexual violence. “I volunteer because this hotline provides survivors with the support I needed when I was younger. I volunteer because every shift I'm helping someone get closer to closure and safety. I hope for a future when no one is waiting in the queue for a chat because together we put an end to sexual abuse and violence.”


Each volunteer has changed the world by offering hope and healing to many survivors across the nation. We wanted to give a huge shout out and big thank you to our volunteers this volunteer appreciation week. Thank you for all you do!


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