Latest News | September 30, 2022
Helping Hollywood Stay Mindful when Portraying Sexual Violence

Erin Earp, co-interim vice president of public policy, sat down with senior content writer and strategist Sierra Scott to talk about RAINN’s federal bills for the next year, the influence of policy in the entertainment industry and other special projects. RAINN works with the entertainment industry...

Latest News | September 30, 2022
Spreading the Word

The National Sexual Assault Hotline provides services 24/7 in Spanish as well as English. Maria Cristina Manzur, RAINN’s outreach coordinator, is in charge of getting the word out so that Spanish-speaking survivors know where to turn for help. RAINN expanded the National Sexual Assault Hotline in...

Latest News | September 30, 2022
Finding Help on Campus

Sexual violence continues to be a prevalent problem on college campuses. The effects of experiencing sexual assault are profound, emotionally and often physically. RAINN’s Campus Sexual Violence page shows the magnitude of the problem on universities. Experiencing sexual assault while managing a...

Latest News | September 30, 2022
The Effects of Sexual Abuse by a Family Member on Survivors and the Importance of Finding a Supportive Community

Sexual abuse by a family member, otherwise known as incest, can have lasting effects on a child’s development and sense of safety. Having positive community connections and support can help survivors of incest manage the effects and begin healing. How common is sexual abuse by a family member?

Latest News | September 15, 2022
RAINN Statement on Conviction of R. Kelly in Federal Case in Chicago

Washington, D.C. - RAINN released the following statement after a Chicago jury found R. Kelly guilty of sexual exploitation of a minor, “Jane,” for the purpose of producing child pornography, or child sexual abuse material:


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