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Latest News| Jun 29, 2022

Revisiting Black History Month: Highlights from the RAINN Survivor Summit

In February, RAINN held a survivor summit with three inspiring Speakers Bureau members to discuss child sexual abuse and how racial barriers can impact a survivor’s healing journey. Each panelist...

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Latest News | March 03, 2021
RAINN Statement on Allegations Against Governor Andrew Cuomo

      Washington, D.C. – Today RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, released the following statement in response to allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: “The allegations against Gov. Cuomo are deeply troubling and deserve careful investigation, and we urge...

Latest News | February 19, 2021
RAINN Statement on HBO’s Allen v. Farrow Documentary

On Sunday, February 21, HBO aired the first episode of Allen v. Farrow, a four-part documentary series exploring the child sexual abuse allegations against filmaker Woody Allen made by his daughter, Dylan Farrow. For years, at a high personal cost, Dylan and her family have reported that Allen...

Latest News | February 11, 2021
Working in the States to Champion Change

RAINN’s public policy team is working in key states in 2021 to improve support for survivors and champion changes in policy to help more survivors get justice. RAINN’s team of lobbyists is at work in five state legislatures: Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, and Virginia, partnering with local...

Latest News | February 11, 2021
Volunteers Line Up to Help During Covid Surge

Each year, thousands of survivors and their loved ones seek support from the National Sexual Assault Hotline (NSAH), where they are served bytrained staff and volunteers. As hotline demand has surged in the last year, so, fortunately, has the number of people stepping up to help. Hotline volunteers...

Latest News | February 11, 2021
Equipping First Responders To Help Save Children

When children are experiencing abuse at home, it’s often up to other adults in their life to see the warning signs and rescue them from harm. While mandated reporters such as teachers or coaches can only guess what goes on in a child’s life at home, first responders—EMTs, paramedics, and...


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