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  1. Sandusky Verdict Inspires Thousands of Survivors to Get Help

    ... “We’re seeing an outpouring of people reaching out for help — women and men, boys and girls — many of whom have been encouraged to get help for the first time as a result of this tragedy.” Leading up to ...

    11/30/2016 - 13:10

  2. "Talk To Me" During National Suicide Prevention Month

    ... victims are 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide. Get involved by taking the “Talk To Me” pledge and vow to be a person ... understands what you’re going through. You are not alone. Help is available 24/7 through the National Sexual Assault Hotline at ...

    11/30/2016 - 11:19

  3. Thank You, RAINN Supporters

    ... $548,000 to ensure that survivors would have access to help they deserve through RAINN's National Sexual Assault Online Hotline.  In ... the funds raised enabled 13,047 additional survivors to get help on the Online Hotline.  The  #ProudPSUforRAINN campaign, ...

    11/30/2016 - 11:05

  4. National Sexual Assault Hotline Helps Record 150,139 People

    ... wait times. Our goal is to make sure that anyone who wants help can get it.” RAINN’s staff and volunteers operate the Online Hotline, while ...

    11/29/2016 - 13:43

  5. Four Ways You Can Support A Friend This April

    ... tells can impact his/her decision to move forward and get help — whether that involves contacting the National Sexual Assault Hotline ...

    11/29/2016 - 13:32

  6. Eight Senators Announce Bipartisan Campus Accountability and Safety Act

    ... college employees to whom victims can turn to and receive help from following an attack. And it requires colleges to share, on their ... Sens. McCaskill and Gillibrand say that they hope to get a Senate vote on the bill soon, after students head back to college in ...

    11/29/2016 - 12:51

  7. Tori Amos Helps RAINN Celebrate 20 Years of Hope

    ... a lot of people to the organization. … We were able to help people at all of her concerts and help promote the hotline that way, as ... 27 and it's, for many of them, a much more preferable way to get help as it's such a hard thing to talk about on the phone. To read ...

    11/29/2016 - 12:48

  8. RAINN’s Hotlines Helped Nearly 400 People Per Day in 2014

    ... comfortable talking on the phone, another way to receive help, whenever they need it. “The instant-messaging format has proved to be ... Hotline: 800-656-HOPE and . Get involved and help RAINN. Pledge your support to help RAINN serve ...

    11/29/2016 - 11:01

  9. Senators Announce Re-introduction of Bipartisan Campus Accountability and Safety Act

    ... at the Senate press conference. “By passing this bill to help fix the way colleges deal with sexual assault, and increasing the number ... to co-sponsor the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, and get updates from RAINN here. If you or someone you know is struggling ...

    11/29/2016 - 09:33

  10. RAINN President Testifies on the Rape Kit Backlog

    ... is for [the victims] that I will continue to do all I can to get these kits off of the shelves of police evidence rooms and in the labs. It ... sexual violence, it’s not your fault. You are not alone. Help is available 24/7 through the National Sexual Assault Hotline: ...

    11/28/2016 - 12:37