Issue Backgrounders

Addressing the Rape Kit Backlog

DNA evidence has become a critical factor in achieving justice for survivors of sexual violence, but there are still challenges in the way evidence is collected, stored, tracked, and used to hold perpetrators accountable.

Protecting Children Against Sexual Predators

Across the country, more than 751,000 sex offenders are required to register with their state government. But many of these criminals fail to comply with the law and in 2011 alone, 12,144 noncompliant sex offenders were arrested.

Supporting Members of the Military

The Defense Department estimates that 26,000 members of the military were victims of sexual assault last year. In addition to providing support services for members of the worldwide DoD community, RAINN tracks policy efforts to protect those who serve our country against sexual violence.

Improving Services for Victims of Sexual Violence

The federal government pays for local services for victims, prevention programs and other efforts to combat sexual violence. RAINN works to ensure that innovative and effective programs succeed.

Campus Safety

College-age women are four times more likely than others to be sexually assaulted. Yet some colleges treat rape much like they do parking tickets or plagiarism.

Cruise Ship Safety

Sexual assault can happen anywhere. When you leave U.S. waters on a cruise ship, you also leave behind some of the protections you may take for granted as a U.S. citizen.

Compensation for Victims

As a survivor of sexual violence, your state’s Crime Victim Compensation Program may compensate you for some of the expenses you have incurred, such as lost wages, medical fees, or counseling costs.

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