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Latest News| Feb 15, 2024

Embracing Strength and Hope: A Love Letter to Military Survivors

In "Embracing Strength and Hope: A Love Letter to Military Survivors," RAINN celebrates the resilience of military survivors and highlights the Department of Defense Safe Helpline as a steadfast ally, offering 24/7, anonymous support, worldwide. The team at Safe Helpline sends a message of love, solidarity, and a commitment to providing essential resources for military survivors’ unique healing journey.

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Latest News | October 26, 2023
New California Law Protects Survivors from Retaliation in Court

Too often, when survivors come forward to tell their stories, they are met with bad faith lawsuits trying to silence them. Thanks to a new law in California, survivors will be better protected from the risks, and costs, of lawsuits.

Latest News | October 25, 2023
RAINN Speakers Bureau Member Featured on Telemundo Arizona

RAINN Speakers Bureau member Sandra Avila, a survivor whose powerful story inspires resilience, recovery, and hope, recently shared her experience with Telemundo Arizona.The interview (conducted in Spanish) is part of RAINN’s efforts to expand awar


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