Latest News | November 03, 2023

NEWS RELEASE  SENATE MOVES TO END RAPE KIT BACKLOG: Votes to Renew Debbie Smith Act—“Most Effective Anti-Rape Legislation”  

Latest News | October 30, 2023
Halloween Costumes Do Not Equal Consent

The term “Red Zone” describes the period of time from the beginning of the fall semester through Thanksgiving break on college campuses, and it carries a troubling statistic: more than 50 percent of college sexual assaults occur during this time. Halloween falls squarely within the Red Zone and can...

Latest News | October 26, 2023
Healing Through Mindfulness, A Powerful Self-Care Method for Survivors

Amid the journey to healing for survivors of sexual violence, mindfulness emerges as a potent self-care method. A study published in the Journal of Traumatic Stress highlights the efficacy of mindfulness in reducing post-traumatic stress symptoms among survivors (Kratzer, Heinz, Pfitzer, Padberg,...

Latest News | October 26, 2023
PHOTO: RAINN, NY Lawmakers, Miss NY USA, and NY Anti-Sexual Violence Organizations Call on Lawmakers to Close New York’s Voluntary Incapacitation Loophole

Current New York statute requires that mental incapacitation result from a person being under the influence without their knowledge or consent