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Survivor Stories

Tracy's Story

Tracy Green is a survivor of childhood and adolescent sexual abuse (rape). Today Tracy serves as the state representative of Texas for the Peer Leadership Council of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and is a member of RAINN’s Speakers Bureau.

Keith's Story

Keith Addison Tyler is a creative writer and music director, a survivor of sadistic childhood sexual abuse, and an advocate for male survivors.

L’Tomay’s Story

No one believed her story of child sexual abuse, but she refused to be silenced by doubt. “I offer myself compassion and grace.”

Jann’s Story

Jann Simmons is Native American, a mother, a grandmother, a speaker, a podcaster, an author, and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

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Blanche’s Story

Blanche Cook is a student, a mother, and a survivor of domestic and intimate partner violence.

Sarah's Story

Sarah Ortiz is a mother, an advocate, a public speaker, and a survivor of child sexual abuse.

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Kaitlyn’s Story

Kaitlyn Urenda is a mother, a high school coach, a swimmer, and a survivor of child sexual abuse.

Bobbie’s Story

Bobbie Becerra is an author, storyteller, speaker, and a survivor of child sexual abuse (CSA).

Bobbie grew up in a strange world. Abuse was a regular occurrence. It was like an open secret – something known but not directly dealt with – and often explained as “just the way it is.”

Josh’s Story

“Not everyone has a chance to write a book, but we need a place to tell our story; A place where the microphone is ours.”

Tiana’s Story

“Trust yourself. Know that you can. You are capable. You are stronger than you think.”

Tiana St. Clair is a singer, activist, backpacker, rockclimber, and a survivor of sexual violence.