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Survivor Stories

Zachary’s Survivor Story

Zachary Mallory, an active advocate for survivors of abuse, is a living testament to the power of resilience and hope. Having endured traumatic experiences in their past, Zachary has turned their personal pain into a mission to help others in similar situations find healing and support.

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Naomi’s Story

Naomi Mortensen is the HR Training Design and Development Manager at RAINN. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, Naomi understands firsthand the challenges that survivors face in their healing journey.

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Molly’s Story

Molly Snook is a gym goer, a certified personal trainer and EMT, and a survivor of sexual abuse.

Lexi’s Story

Lexi-Ulla is a writer of poetry and a survivor of spousal rape.

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Melisa’s Story

Melisa Ruscsak is half Native American and half White, a speaker, an advocate, a survivor of domestic violence/sexual abuse, and a mother.

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Gloria's Story

Gloria Master’s is an author, advocate, speaker, and a survivor of child sexual abuse (CSA).

Before Gloria disclosed, she grew up feeling like everything was her fault. She repressed her memories for 16 years and it felt beyond challenging to carry so much shame and guilt.

Mirna’s Story

Mirna Navarro-Garcia is a mother, a realtor, an advocate, a speaker, and a survivor of rape.

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Nubia’s Story

Nubia DuVall Wilson is the founder and president of Cielo Consulting, co-founder of Starfury Productions, a mother, journalist, author, speaker, and survivor of incest.

Jane's Story

Jane Epstein is a speaker, a writer, an advocate, a mother, and a survivor of sibling sexual abuse (SSA).

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Kelly’s Story

Kelly Wallace is a member of RAINN’s Speakers Bureau, a co-host of the upcoming podcast Voices of Survivors, and a survivor of incest.