Your Role as an Administrator

Prevention education is a critical step in addressing sexual assault on college campuses. The right training can foster a more informed student body and improve students’ understanding of and response to sexual violence. Every campus is unique, and it is crucial to choose a program that speaks to a college’s unique student body.

How the Prevention Navigator helps

While every campus is different, every college has the same goal of preventing sexual violence. The Prevention Navigator lets you see what programming other colleges are using and determine the prevention program that works best for your students. Expert opinion from other administrators can help you choose and effectively manage your program, while reviews from students can give you insight on how a program is received.

Provide feedback

  • Improve your college’s prevention efforts. Your expert feedback can give fellow administrators invaluable insight. Does the format suit your campus? Is it research based? Was the vendor easy to work with?
  • Help other colleges. Whether you are sharing praise, concerns, or tips about what to expect, your input can help other college administrators across the country make an informed decision.
  • Anonymous reviews. Some administrators may be hesitant to give feedback about their college’s prevention efforts. That’s why we don’t require administrators to publicly display their name, or the name of the college where they work.

Get your campus involved

  • Ask your colleagues. After you’ve shared your own opinion, ask your colleagues to share theirs too. From the Offices of Title IX or Student Affairs to Health Services and Faculty, anyone familiar with the program can add a review. The Prevention Navigator becomes more valuable with each person who uses it.
  • Engage students. If you have regular interactions with students, share the Prevention Navigator and talk to them about why their feedback matters. Whether you're engaging in the classroom, an administrative office, or in the halls on campus, it's important to let students know they have a voice in the conversation.

Spread the word

  • Share with your network. Whether you’re sharing with students or your colleagues in higher education, we’ve provided sample text for email and social media that can help you get started.

Consulting Services

RAINN’s consulting and subject matter experts work with clients across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to develop targeted, effective sexual violence education and response programs. RAINN’s services prepare organizations to effectively provide education about sexual violence and to respond to incidents in a way that facilitates healing and promotes safe and healthy communities. To do this, we offer a variety of specialized consulting services to meet each organization’s unique needs, including hotline services, consulting, program assessments, and education and training.


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