Legacy of Hope Society:
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Lauren Azzopardi
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Stacey Biller
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Katherine Burkes
Tatiana Campbell
Keith Carlson
Virginia Carroll
Elizabeth Caughran
Rebecca Chandler
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Ellen Damaso
Heather Daniels
Diane Dirton
Reginald Dirton Jr.
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Planned Giving



Thank you for considering making a planned gift to RAINN. By choosing RAINN as a beneficiary of your will or estate, you can take advantage of tax benefits during your lifetime and give yourself the comfort of knowing your donation will bolster RAINN’s vital work supporting survivors of sexual violence for years to come. Not quite sure what a planned gift means? Please check out these FAQs or read ahead to learn more.  

Have you already included RAINN in your plans?

Let us know.

The Legacy of Hope Society, officially established during the RAINN Thrive Together campaign, is a group of dedicated supporters who have designated RAINN as part of their planned giving. When you join RAINN’s Legacy of Hope Society, you can expect to receive invitations to exclusive events, special acknowledgment in our annual report and on our website, and an invitation to a roundtable with RAINN’s leadership.

Through our partnership with FreeWill, we’ve made planned giving easier than ever, and completely free. FreeWill’s tool allows you to write a will online and only takes 20 minutes to complete your legally valid plans. If you’ve supported RAINN in the past, a bequest can continue creating a foundation for preventing sexual violence in the future and advance the support we provide for survivors today. Create your bequest here.

Benefits of Planned Giving:

  • Gifts tied to your estate, such as property or securities, give you the flexibility to support RAINN now and in the future.
  • By including RAINN as a beneficiary of a financial, retirement, or insurance plan, you are able to pass on income you don't need during your lifetime.
  • A planned gift to RAINN can greatly lower your tax burden by helping to reduce capital gains, income, and estate taxes.

If you or a family member have included RAINN in your will, or if you plan to do so, please let us know so we can show our appreciation. RAINN's Development Team is available at 202.590.8259 or development@rainn.org to discuss your plans.

Thank you on behalf of all survivors for considering leaving a legacy of hope.

The information on this page is not intended as legal, financial, or tax advice. Please consult an attorney, financial advisor, or tax advisor to determine the right option for you.