OHL Internship: Testimonials

Thank you for this opportunity to work for RAINN. This has been a wonderful experience. Not only have I helped other people, but I have also learned some things about myself. I would like to continue to work for RAINN as a volunteer. One more thing, I would like to thank the staff of RAINN for all that they do. This is truly an amazing organization!
— - George Washington University Student - 2008


I volunteer for RAINN, as a way to give back to the community in a vitally important way. With each session, I’m constantly amazed by the courage of the survivor to get help, as well as the negligence, isolation, and societal norms which cause survivors to reach out for help behind the anonymity of an online crisis hotline—all too often because they are scared or feel unable to find help face to face within their own community. Volunteering for RAINN has taught me a lot about compassion and helped me to become a more aware and knowledgeable member of society!
— - Kayla Yasmine DeForest


I work freelance, so I usually have a decent amount of downtime between jobs, and it was during one of these periods that I learned about RAINN. I work in the TV/film industry, so I couldn’t exactly be accused of a life of civil service. Becoming a volunteer for RAINN wasn't necessarily because I felt some sort of calling to do better and be better, but it was a sense that I wanted to try something new, learn a new skill, and feel like I was helping people. And it was worth it. It's sobering to hear some of the stories you hear — and you realize why the hotline is important. It gives people an avenue to talk and get help who normally wouldn’t be able to.
— - Rob Zorella


I started volunteering because I want to have a meaningful impact on people's lives and form direct connections with those who need support. RAINN is the perfect fit and being able to volunteer from home and with an extremely flexible schedule is a great perk! I love volunteering with RAINN because I feel like it's really important work, and we're able to reach so many people online who might not otherwise ask for help. Even the most difficult shifts are rewarding because I know that at the very least I gave someone in pain a chance to talk about whatever they needed to and to feel supported and cared for in that moment.
— - Jessie Gallogly


Nothing feels better than helping someone rediscover his or her personal strength. Bruised and disoriented by sexual assault or the accompanying physical, mental and emotional ramifications, people can lose faith in their abilities: to protect themselves, to make good decisions and to evaluate people and situations competently. To me, the self-doubt abusers foist upon their victims is one of the more insidiously damaging injuries. When a visitor realizes that he or she is able to take the next step toward healing, and I can provide some resources to help with that, it's very affirming for both of us.
— - Richelle Fatheree


I am currently studying psychology, and hope to become a clinical psychologist one day. After learning about the effect that trauma can have on a person, I wanted to start helping people right away and not have to wait until I’m finished with my schooling. RAINN helps me do just that.
— - Mike Lent


The most rewarding aspect of volunteering for the Online Hotline is knowing that we are filling a niche in giving a voice to those that aren't comfortable speaking aloud. As a volunteer for RAINN, I get to make connections with visitors who feel lost, and guide them onto a path to which they, themselves, would find personal achievement. RAINN is a truly invaluable resource for victims, friends, and family.
— - Janelle Kuroiwa


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