#WhatIWish: A Healing Journey through Reflection and Advocacy

The #WhatIWish campaign, part of the Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM) initiative, offers a unique opportunity for survivors and allies to engage in self-care and healing while raising awareness about the dangers of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) online. This hashtag provides a platform for individuals to reflect, share insights, and contribute to a broader conversation on this critical issue.

We invite everyone to join the #WhatIWish campaign by journaling or posting on social media using the hashtag. Whether you're a survivor, a loved one, or an advocate, your voice matters in this conversation. By sharing your thoughts and reflections, you contribute to a collective understanding of the impact of CSAM and the importance of creating a safer online space for children.

Examples of #WhatIWish include:

  • #WhatIWish I knew when I was younger is that when I get to a point of meeting an individual in person who I met online, I do not have to meet them alone. I am able to meet an individual in a public place with plenty of other people around and I can feel safe and have fun too.
  • #WhatIWish my younger self knew about abuse online is that I never had to send a photo of myself just because someone requested a photo of me.
  • #WhatIWish I knew as a parent around abuse online is that dangers online exist and that starting an open, safe, and honest conversation with my children at home is where safety around online interactions contributes to mitigating the dangers.
  • #WhatIWish policymakers knew about dangers online is that the threat to children's safety is evident and the accessibility of online interactions makes children targets to predators.

Using #WhatIWish as a journaling prompt can be a cathartic experience for survivors in their healing journey. Reflecting on personal reflections and emotions can help process trauma and regain control. Journaling also allows survivors to revisit their progress over time, reinforcing the resilience and strength they have developed.

Sharing #WhatIWish on social media can be equally therapeutic and empowering. This shared understanding can foster a supportive community that promotes healing and growth. Furthermore, as more people share their reflections, the collective voice becomes more influential, driving policymakers and stakeholders to take necessary actions to combat CSAM.

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