Staffer Spotlight: Brian Medina

Portrait of Brian, staff at RAINN

Brian Medina has been a support specialist on RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Hotline for nearly four years. A survivor of sexual assault, Brian saw the volunteer opportunity as a way to to pay it forward, and continue the cycle of support that ze received in hir* time of need.

“Now I see how essential it is to serve the many visitors who reach out to [RAINN], not knowing who else would listen and support them,” Brian said. To date, Brian has served nearly 600 visitors who have reached out for help through the National Sexual Assault Hotline.

Working with the National Sexual Assault Hotline has also influenced Brian’s day-to-day work on a professional level. Brian responds to sexual assaults that happen on and off a local university campus and trains other staff members to respond to survivors with compassion and care. Brian has also developed sexual assault policies and procedures at the university level to support survivors on campus.

“Working with RAINN has been instrumental toward addressing college perceptions and procedures related to sexual assault,” Brian said.

Brian knows first-hand how important a comforting word and listening ear can be to a survivor of sexual assault, even if the conversation is a tough one. To practice self-care, Brian likes to read, play video games, catch up on Netflix documentaries, and spend time with Athena, a Pit Bull mix adopted from a local animal shelter. “Beyond having a dog for comfort, Athena provides me with a good balance of taking leadership, exercise, and routine that can often ensure that a day feels more stable.”

“Despite some of the more difficult sessions, it can be empowering and encouraging when you truly feel a visitor has benefited by discussing their trauma or struggles with a support specialist on the hotline,” Brian said. “Many times, it just takes someone to be there to listen and affirm the visitor, acknowledging that there is someone out there who cares.”

*Brian’s preferred pronouns are "ze" and "hir".

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