RAINN Teams Up with Netflix on Limited Series Unbelievable

RAINN and Netflix have teamed up on Unbelievable, an eight-part limited series released last week and inspired by the true events of a serial rape case in Colorado and Washington State. The series depicts what it’s like for many survivors who choose to report sexual violence and the difficulty of receiving a rape kit and repeatedly describing an assault. Unbelievable focuses on how the first response a survivor hears after disclosing can encourage people to continue to pursue healing and find justice.

Before the series aired, RAINN worked with Netflix to provide resources and information for viewers.

Unbelievable underscores the need for sensitive, survivor-centered interviewing and support throughout the criminal justice process,” says Keeli Sorensen, vice president of victim services. “Individuals who bring allegations of assault deserve to be treated fairly, with thoughtful support and targeted resources. Service providers and law enforcement should know that negative responses to the first-time a victim shares their story can discourage them seeking future help.”

Watch Netflix’s two minute video featuring content from Unbelievable and information on the National Sexual Assault Hotline, which is operated by RAINN.

Depictions of sexual violence can be difficult to watch, especially for survivors who may relive aspects of what they experienced. RAINN offers several resources to help, such as Tips for Survivors on Consuming Media and Self-Care Ideas, as well as the free, confidental, 24/7 National Sexual Assault Hotline, which is available by phone at 800.656.HOPE (4673) and online at online.rainn.org or in Spanish at rainn.org/es.

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