Longtime Supporter on Why RAINN is a Go-To Resource for Survivors

Each month, RAINN features a member of its National Leadership Council (NLC). The NLC is a group of dedicated individuals who have shown their commitment to RAINN’s mission of supporting survivors and ending sexual violence. This month we checked in with Rochelle Rubin, executive director of the Alpern Family Foundation.

Why are you passionate about ending sexual violence?

Ending sexual violence is a critical part of the Alpern Family Foundation’s mission to support those working to create a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world. Sexual violence is unacceptable. We can never have peace when there is still sexual violence.

How can we all be better supporters and advocates for survivors in our lives?

Listen to survivors and remind them that healing resources like RAINN are available. Advocate with survivors for legislation and funding to assist survivors in their healing journey.

What is your message to survivors?

We believe in you and want to support you.

Why did you want to be a part of RAINN’s National Leadership Council?

We so value RAINN’s national role as the “go-to” resource for sexual assault survivors. We all have a responsibility to support survivors seeking help and empowering them to be advocates in the effort to end sexual violence. I am proud to be part of RAINN’s National Leadership Council.

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