Lean On Me: A Caregiver's Guide to Safeguarding Children and Supporting Healing from Sexual Abuse

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RAINN and No Limit Generation have created a five-module video training series for parents and caregivers to understand how to safeguard children from online and in-person grooming, how to respond to disclosures of sexual abuse and exploitation, and how to support children who have experienced trauma, including online exploitation and sexual abuse. Episode information is below:

  • Episode 1: What You Should Know to Safeguard Children from Dangerous People Online: This episode will help you recognize the online risks to children, reduce risks by implementing safety measures on devices and platforms, and maintain open lines of communication about children’s online activity.
  • Episode 2: Keeping Children Safe in Your Home and Community: Abusers often groom both the child and the community in order to gain access to children. This episode will teach you to recognize and respond to signs of grooming, and how to cultivate a relationship of trust where children speak out when they feel uncomfortable.
  • Episode 3: What to Do When a Child Tells You They Were Abused: Children often don’t disclose because they fear they won’t be believed and because they often don't have the words to describe what happened. This episode teaches you how to recognize signs of non-verbal disclosure and how to create a safe space for disclosure to happen.
  • Episode 4: Strategies to Care for Children Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse: This episode focuses on how sexual abuse trauma impacts a child’s brain and development. It will help you identify and respond to trauma triggers in a healing and supportive way, and offer practical steps to build an effective support system for the child.
  • Episode 5: Practical Ways to Support Continuous Healing and Caregiver Self-Care: Creating physically and emotionally safe spaces with consistent, positive experiences can support children through their healing process. This episode explores additional ways to help children by fostering community connections and helps caregivers recognize and address the effects of intergenerational and secondary trauma in their own lives.

A DEI-B panel reviewed all content to ensure that the series considered intersecting factors like race, culture, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity, which is vital to a survivor-centered, trauma-informed, culturally competent, and DEIB-centered approach to healing.

Why It Matters: Currently, there are few accessible resources available for parents and caregivers that provide practical guidance and tools across a child's developmental continuum to help children heal from sexual trauma. This five-module video training series provides a toolkit to safeguarding children and supporting healing from sexual abuse.

Es difícil saber qué hacer, qué sentir y cuáles son sus opciones después de un abuso sexual.

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