Lace Up For RAINN This Spring

Logo. Lace Up For RAINN 5K. Green shoeprint.

 Get active with RAINN this spring for the second annual “virtual 5K” event, Lace Up For RAINN. On Saturday, May 9, people across the country will lace up their sneakers and travel 3.1 miles for survivors.

A virtual 5K is different than a traditional race, in that it not limited to a single location or route — you can run no matter where you are, worldwide. Whether you’re a runner or cyclist or just enjoy a nice walk, the virtual 5K allows you to support survivors and get your friends and family in on the action.

With your registration, you’ll be automatically signed up for an individual fundraiser page on, which allows you to encourage additional fundraising from family and friends. In the mail, you’ll also receive a tee shirt, bib, and important information about RAINN and our programs.

“This virtual 5K represents another way to support survivors and demonstrates that you can help survivors no matter where you live,” said Chelsea Bowers, RAINN’s director of development.

Stay updated by following RAINN on Twitter and Facebook and following the #laceup4 hashtag for ideas on how you can raise money, training tips, and to monitor our U.S. map of where participants are located.

Register here for Lace Up For RAINN. Use offer code EARLYBIRD by Tuesday, March 31, to get $5 off your registration fee. Have questions? Email

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