Get Ready for RAINN Day!

RAINN Day is an annual day of awareness and action about sexual violence held on college campuses around the country during Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (#SAAPM). This year, RAINN Day will be held on Tuesday, April 14.

“RAINN Day is a great opportunity for students to run events to raise awareness and become actively engaged in creating safe and respectful campus environments,” says Heather Drevna, RAINN’s vice president of communications. “Whether you’re a student leader wanting to plan an event, or don’t have much spare time but want to spread the word on social media—there are many ways you can participate.”

Get ready for RAINN Day this year by downloading the free RAINN Day event planning guide. It has resources, graphics, fliers, guidance on running events, and everything else students and administrators need to lead their campuses in this critical national conversation about sexual violence.

Those who aren’t involved in a campus can show still solidarity with college students by drawing the outline of a megaphone, the RAINN Day symbol, in blue on their hand on April 14 to start conversations about sexual violence on social media in their communities. In addition, you can share photos of your hand on social media that day and include the hashtags #LetsGetLoud or #rainnday to help spread awareness.

For more information about RAINN Day, including sample social media posts and graphics, visit

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