Facebook Selects RAINN for New Donation Feature

 Charitable giving just got more social thanks to a brand-new Facebook donation feature. Just in time for the holiday giving season, RAINN has been chosen as one of 19 nonprofits selected to partner with Facebook on the new donation system. The new feature prominently displays the option to donate directly from RAINN’s Facebook page.

Screen grab showing the amounts you can choose to donate to RAINN on facebook
Facebook users navigate to the right
side of RAINN's Facebook page where
the new donate feature is located. The
feature includes options to give in various
denominations. Click on "donate now."
Screen grab from the process of donating to RAINN online
The next screen offers the option to pay by
credit card or PayPal with the click of a button.


After choosing a donation amount, donors can automatically generate a story in their newsfeed, letting friends know of their support. By including donation activity into the newsfeed, Facebook hopes to make giving more social and more viral across the online platform.

“We are thrilled to be on the cutting-edge of creative giving options,” says Katherine Hull, RAINN’s vice president for communications. “Facebook provides a way for RAINN’s supporters to give in a way that will influence others to give as well. We know this is going to making giving that much easier.”

This is not the first time RAINN has partnered with Facebook: When the company launched its Gifts program in 2012, it selected RAINN as one of its 11 national charity partners.

Look for the new donation button on RAINN’s Facebook page, starting this month. Donations to RAINN are tax deductible, and every donation before January 1 will be matched dollar-for-dollar by another RAINN supporter (up to $30,000), making your support go twice as far.

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