Artwork During SAAPM and Throughout the Year

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM), a time when RAINN works tirelessly to raise public awareness about the far-reaching consequences of sexual violence and the critical need for prevention and healing efforts. This year, RAINN has received numerous art submissions from survivors and allies who use their creative talents to convey powerful messages of healing, strength, and resilience. By sharing these artworks across various platforms, we aim to deepen our understanding of survivors' emotional journeys and promote the importance of consent, communication, and support within our communities.

Self-care is crucial for survivors during this emotionally challenging month, and we encourage everyone to engage in therapeutic activities, such as art, which can offer both catharsis and comfort. Creating and sharing art serves as an effective means of raising awareness and fostering healing for both the artist and the audience. Although SAAPM is observed in April, the battle against sexual violence and the need for continued education and awareness persist year-round. Therefore, we invite you to join the fight against sexual violence by creating your own art for personal growth and awareness, whether you choose to share your creations with the world or keep them as a testament to your resilience.