A Statement from RAINN President Scott Berkowitz on Rape as a Weapon in Conflict and Terrorism

“While RAINN’s work focuses on the crime of rape and supporting survivors in the United States, we condemn all sexual violence around the globe. Rape is an evil act that has harmed millions of survivors and has been used as a tool of armed conflict and terrorism. Most recently, we are horrified by and condemn the rape of women and girls by Hamas in Israel on October 7.

No decent person can defend, or should attempt to legitimize, rape. It does not matter when, where, or how sexual violence occurs, nor the identity of the victims or rapists. Regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender, motive, belief or any other factor, it is simply, and always, wrong.

RAINN will always stand with survivors and victims of rape, and demand justice for those who have harmed them.

We know many people are struggling with news regarding rape and sexual violence. If you need support, RAINN is here for you. Contact our National Sexual Assault Hotline, available 24/7, by phone at 800.656.HOPE (4673) or by chat at hotline.RAINN.org.”

– Scott Berkowitz, RAINN founder and president

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