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The RAINN Speakers Bureau is made up of more than 1,500 survivors of sexual violence who volunteer to share their stories. These individuals live in every corner of the country and represent a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences—together they make up an invaluable resource of knowledge and strength.

We are always looking for people from different backgrounds who are willing to share their story. RAINN matches Speakers Bureau volunteers with opportunities to educate the public and spread messages of hope through media interviews, local speaking opportunities, school events, art and projects and other creative endeavors. 

About the application process

The Speakers Bureau Application contains very detailed questions that help us connect you with requests from the media, community groups, and schools. These requests are often very specific—for instance, a community group or reporter may be interested in hearing from someone of a particular background (age, gender, geographic location) who has survived a particular type of violence.

It may take time to fill out the application—that’s okay. Please go at your own pace and only answer those questions you feel comfortable answering. There are 5 parts in total: About You, Sharing Your Story, Information About Your Experience, Disclosure and Reporting, and Healing and Recovery.

Once submitted, applications typically take 4-6 weeks to process.

To apply, download the application and fill it out to your comfort level. If you are a survivor of multiple assaults or instances of abuse, please use the supplemental forms to list each experience separately. By listing these experiences separately, we are able to better match you with opportunities that best fit your unique story.

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