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Also available in Spanish here.

This National Hispanic Heritage Month, RAINN is amplifying the voices of Latino/a/x/e survivors to highlight cultural challenges and champions, and raising the profile of our new Spanish-language resources.

There are 41.7 million people speaking Spanish as a first language in the United States and another 12 million who are bilingual. But use of RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Helpline’s Spanish-language services still lags well behind support provided in English. We recognize that the Latino/a/x/e community faces complex barriers to seeking support for sexual violence. That’s why RAINN is bridging the gap between Spanish-speaking survivors and access to culturally relevant, Spanish-translated resources and services. Amid all the barriers to seeking help, language should never be one of them.

Join RAINN in this mission and spread the word about RAINN’s services in Spanish, available at

Spanish Language Resource Toolkit

Explore RAINN's Spanish Language Resource Toolkit, a comprehensive guide of resources in Spanish that expands support to survivors and their loved ones in the Hispanic community.

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