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Raise funds to support RAINN and its programs

Support RAINN and its programs by fundraising

Every 2.5 minutes, another American becomes a victim of sexual assault. The road to healing can be frightening. Please help us ensure that no one goes through it alone.

Your contribution to RAINN will:

  • Ensure that America's National Sexual Assault Hotline can continue to provide free, confidential services to all victims of sexual assault.
  • Allow us to expand our successful advocacy work to ensure that perpetrators of sexual violence are brought to justice.
  • Sponsor critical public education campaigns that teach teens and young adults about the realities of sexual assault and what they can do to protect themselves and the people close to them.

Please join us in the fight against sexual violence.

Here are ways you can help through fundraising:

  • Host a fundraising event. Events are fun and a great way to educate people about sexual assault as well as raise money for RAINN programs. Ideas range from having a car wash, hosting a fundraising dinner, hosting a party or a chili cook-off. Invite a speaker from RAINN's Speakers Bureau to talk. Let RAINN help you.
  • Organize a sale or auction. You can have a bake sale, garage sale, car wash, etc.
  • Get creative! Plan a trivia game night at a local restaurant. Petition the company you work for and ask if employees can make a donation to RAINN every week to wear jeans to work. This year, let that Final Fantasy Football game or college basketball playoff game raise money for RAINN. You could even have a game around the Academy Awards or other awards show that might interest you. People pitch in money to play, which goes to RAINN, and the winner gets a prize.
  • Make a donation. Contributions to RAINN are tax deductible and more than 92 cents of every dollar raised is spent directly on services for victims of sexual assault, making RAINN one of the most efficient charities in the U.S.

There are important things to know when you're fundraising, so please check out our fundraising page for more information.

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Every 98 seconds, another American is sexually assaulted.

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95¢ of every $1 goes to helping survivors and preventing sexual violence.

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