Donate Your Car

You can put an old set of wheels to good use by donating your car to RAINN. Donating your car is a tax deductible, cost-free way to help ensure that RAINN’s programs and services continue to improve and expand.

RAINN works with Car Program to auction off new or used vehicles to support our programs. Car Program will walk you through the process of donating your vehicle to RAINN. You can learn more about this option and begin the process by visiting

Once you have entered in all the information online through, an employee of Car Program will contact you within four business days to arrange for pickup of the car. You will not be charged any fees in connection with your donation. To schedule a pickup over the phone, please call Car Program at 800.240.0160.

After the agent has taken possession of the donated vehicle, it will be sold at auction. The proceeds from the sales will go to RAINN, minus the fee RAINN must pay the vendor to transport and auction off the vehicle. The donation of your car is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

You can read through Car Program’s FAQs about donating your new or used vehicle.

Questions about the car donation process? Email or call 855.352.8582.