The Thrive Together campaign was RAINN’s first major fundraising campaign. The goal of the campaign was to raise $10 million over two years in order to provide the necessary resources to reach survivors when they need us most, and to create a future where we all thrive together. We’re proud to share that we surpassed our goal, but the work continues, and we need everyone to add their voice as we turn toward that future.

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Answering the Call

Demand for RAINN’s survivor-centered, trauma-informed services through the National Sexual Assault Hotline continues to skyrocket. In addition to onboarding more support specialists, our campaign initiative, Answering the Call, enabled us to expand our online training program, adapt new technological innovations, and ensure that people in every community learn about and trust our services.

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Shaping the Narrative

Stories have the power to spark change. RAINN's campaign initiative, Shaping the Narrative, harnessed our national scope to change the conversation about sexual violence, raised awareness and educated the public through the media and entertainment, and brought hope to survivors and their loved ones by amplifying the voices of survivors.

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Championing Change

Now more than ever, thoughtful, responsible public policy is key to transforming the way our country addresses sexual violence. RAINN’s campaign initiative, Championing Change, built coalitions and launched strategic efforts for survivor-led change across the country, protected vulnerable populations from sexual abuse, and ensured all survivors have access to critical care and services.

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Thrive Together Progress Report

RAINN’s Thrive Together Campaign aimed to Answer the Call, Shape the Narrative, and Champion Change.

Campaign Content

Check out the incredible work your support of RAINN and the Thrive Together campaign enabled us to accomplish.  

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Campaign Council

Thank you to our Thrive Together Campaign Council for their leadership and support of this milestone initiative.

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Panel Discussions

RAINN hosted a series of virtual panel discussions during the Thrive Together campaign to bring our anti-sexual violence work to life while actively engaging with supporters and donors on various topics within each pillar of the campaign.

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