Zachary’s Survivor Story

Zachary Mallory, an active advocate for survivors of abuse, is a living testament to the power of resilience and hope. Having endured traumatic experiences in their past, Zachary has turned their personal pain into a mission to help others in similar situations find healing and support.

When asked about the first time someone reacted to him sharing his story in a supportive way, Zachary recalls his initial hesitation and the lack of support from the police department. However, a conversation with another survivor opened Zachary's eyes and encouraged him to share his story. This led him to discover MOCSA and eventually RAINN, where he became an advocate on a national level.

Zachary has been actively involved in MOCSA, participating in a photoshoot and a video shoot for their campaign, and serving on the Sexual Assault Awareness Month committee with a specific focus on LGBTQ survivors. "That first initial talk with that survivor was the first time I ever publicly shared my story," they say.

In his work with MOCSA and RAINN, Zachary has encountered numerous individuals seeking advice on how to navigate the world of online dating. He emphasizes the importance of self-protection and offers several tips for those exploring potential relationships online.

"The number one thing that I wish I was told was to meet somebody in a public space…[for example], a restaurant or…coffee shop…because I went initially to going directly to that person or having them come directly to me." Having met his partner of five years at a public event which restored his safety and trust, his advocacy for this measure stems from personal experience in ensuring that individuals are protected from violence.


Reflecting on their own journey, Zachary acknowledges the struggles they faced, including coming to terms with their sexuality and non-binary gender identity, overcoming a drug addiction, and dealing with mental health issues. Ultimately, they are grateful for the progress they’ve made.

"I get emotional every time I think about it, you know, and like in a really good way because I see where I was and I look at myself now and I'm like, damn, I wouldn't even be having this conversation back then."

Despite the challenges our society still faces in addressing sexual assault, domestic violence, and gun violence, Zachary remains committed to raising awareness and advocating for change. He acknowledges the alarming increase in abuse cases during the COVID-19 pandemic and urges people to be vigilant and empathetic.

When asked about what they would say to someone who has experienced abuse and is considering whether or not to come forward, Zachary admits that the answer is complex and depends on the individual's circumstances. They emphasize the importance of providing a compassionate and listening ear, showing empathy instead of sympathy, and connecting survivors to resources in their community.

Zachary acknowledges the challenges that survivors face when reporting abuse, including the potential for re-traumatization, and the difficulty of navigating systems that may not be as supportive as they should be. He encourages survivors to be gentle with themselves and to remember that their stories are unique, and their experiences do not define their worth as human beings.

Ultimately, despite the hardships they have faced, Zachary's story is one of resilience and hope. Through their advocacy work and their willingness to share their experiences, they have transformed his own struggles into a powerful message of support and understanding for others who have faced similar challenges. Their story is a testament to the fact that healing is possible, and that together, we can work to create a world where survivors are heard, believed, and supported.

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