What is RAINN Day?

RAINN Day is an opportunity for college students to demonstrate to their peers that they are an ally in the fight against sexual violence. Join the conversation online with the hashtags #RAINNDay and #WontStayQuiet.

When is RAINN Day?

RAINN Day 2022 will be Wednesday, April 13 during Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (#SAAPM).

What Does the Triangle Mean?

The triangle symbolizes a megaphone and our commitment that we #WontStayQuiet about sexual violence on college campuses.

RAINN’s 2022 Schedule of Events

Participate no matter where you are!

  • RAINN will not be hosting any online events this year, but we have provided resources for students to host their own events on campus! In addition to this, RAINN will be sharing information on campus sexual assault across social media platforms.

How do I create a RAINN Day event for my campus?

No matter if you’re learning virtually or on campus, there are lots of ways you can share resources, spread awareness, and have important conversations with your peers this year. Download our student-led RAINN Day Event Planning Guide for event ideas and more. Create a virtual event for any size or budget in your college community. The guide also includes free printable posters that can be shared on social media too.



RAINN Day Planning Webinar

We also hosted a webinar to help student and campus leaders plan their events for April. Get event ideas, tips and tricks, marketing advice and more by watching last year's planning webinar below! Remember: RAINN Day 2022 is Wednesday, April 13, but you can plan your event for any time during SAAPM.

Social Media

Let’s flood the internet with love and support for survivors this RAINN Day. Use our custom filters, graphics, and template posts to get started! Browse the #RAINNDay and #WontStayQuiet hashtags on Instagram to see how students around the country are raising awareness for Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Tag @RAINN so we can amplify your support for survivors.

Follow RAINN on social media!

Instagram Story Templates

Check out RAINN’s SAAPM and RAINN Day Highlights on Instagram for Instagram Story-sized graphics! Screenshot or save the images you want and add them to your own story.

Instagram Filter

Show that you believe, support, stand up for, celebrate, and advocate for survivors this month and any time with the brand new RAINN Instagram Filter, designed and provided by AvatarLabs! Use it 


1. Create a new Instagram Story

2. Scroll over to “Browse Effects”

3. Search “BelieveSurvivors”

4. Tap the effect and choose “Try It”

5. Take a picture or video and post it!

We’ll be reposting our favorite videos throughout the month if you tag @RAINN. This filter can also be used on Facebook, click here to try it out!

Snapchat Lens

Share with family and friends that you won’t stay quiet about sexual violence with the custom RAINN Day Snapchat Filter, designed and provided by AvatarLabs! Crosspost to other social media sites to spread the message further. Follow the instructions below to get started

  • In the search bar at the top of the screen in the Snapchat app, search “Wont Stay Quiet”
  • Scroll down until you go past “Add Friends” and see “Lenses”
  • Click on the RAINN Day lens
  • Take a great picture or video!




  • Open Snapchat and point your camera at the SnapCode above and take a picture
  • The RAINN Day lens will pop up, tap “Unlock Lens”
  • Take a great picture or video!

Sample Social Media Posts

Use our sample posts for a social media inspiration boost.

  • I #WontStayQuiet about sexual assault during #RAINNDay. Make a difference with me: rainn.org/rainnday I #WontStayQuiet so survivors know that they are not alone. I’m making a difference on my campus with #RAINNDay on 4/13. You can too: rainn.org/rainnday
  • I #WontStayQuiet so survivors know that they are believed and sexual violence is not tolerated on our campus. Learn how you can help at rainn.org/rainnday
  • I #WontStayQuiet about protecting each other. I’m bringing my campus together on #RAINNDay to help end sexual assault. rainn.org/rainnday As a college-age person, we are at a high risk for sexual violence.
  • I #WontStayQuiet because we must stop sexual assault on college campuses. Find out how you can join at #RAINNDay. rainn.org/rainnday


Coming soon!

Other Resources

  • Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month: During #SAAPM, we ask people to engage with this issue more directly by learning more about sexual violence, sharing important statistics, and stepping up to stop sexual assault. Our SAAPM page is your guide to getting involved, including shareable graphics, sample social media posts, and talking points.
  • Request a Speaker: The RAINN Speakers Bureau is made up of nearly 4,000 survivors of sexual violence who volunteer to share their stories. To raise awareness on RAINN Day, you can request a survivor to call in to your virtual event to share their story. Fill out the request form 4 to 6 weeks before your event so that we can best match you to a survivor from the RAINN Speakers Bureau.
  • Graphics and Banners: Connect even more people with the help they need and deserve. Share graphics with information about the National Sexual Assault Hotline on your website or social media.

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