RAINN Continues to Expand Resources for Spanish-Speaking Survivors

Did you know, RAINN now offers many resources in Spanish for survivors and their loved ones to access? Visitors to RAINN’s website can now find Spanish language information on supporting LGBTQ survivors, sexual assault of men and boys, sexual abuse by helping professionals, detailed information on reporting for teens, and many other topics.

“We’ve also put together a resource that gathers contact information for other organizations that might be useful to Spanish-speaking survivors of sexual violence,” said Keeli Sorensen, vice president of victim services at RAINN. “From information on intimate partner violence, to legal support and mental health resources, all of these resources are free and offered in Spanish.”

RAINN also now offers many survivors’ stories of hope and healing in Spanish.

“Many survivors find it healing to know that they are not alone in what happened to them,” said Sorensen. “Being able to read the story of someone who went through something similar and is from a similar community, and has found support, resources, and healing shows that there is hope and a path forward.”

Since 2015, RAINN has also offered support to Spanish-speaking survivors and their loved ones in Spanish through the National Sexual Assault Hotline by phone at 800.656.4673 and online at rainn.org/es. The hotline is a safe and confidential resource for anyone who needs help for themselves or a loved one after sexual violence.

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