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What are the warning signs for child sexual abuse?

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Every 68 seconds, another American is sexually assaulted.

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Watch Black History Month Survivor Summit

In this powerful RAINN Survivor Summit, three inspiring members of the RAINN Speakers Bureau talk about working through intergenerational trauma, the intersections of gender, race, and sex surrounding sexual violence, and healing from sexual abuse.

Read Survivor Stories

As the nation pays tribute to generations of African Americans, RAINN recognizes the many Black survivors of sexual violence throughout our country’s history. These six Survivor Stories reveal more than experiences of abuse and healing. These stories highlight phenomenal resilience, bold advocacy, deep faith, creative healing, unwavering love, and life-changing leadership.

Gail's Story

“The grooming was the most devastating part of it, I was so young when it started. Psychologically, it had a huge effect on my personality and how I viewed myself.”

Theresa’s Story

“You guys saved my life. No one knew I was being abused. School was my only safe place and it allowed me to dream to succeed and escape my family; I burst out crying…[and it wasn’t a gentle cry] but [rather a] full blown ugly cry.”

Lisa’s Story

“I had talked to my children about stranger danger but never had conversations about what happens if you have to have dinner every night with the person abusing you.”

Brian’s Story

"If anything comes from this, I want young Black men to know that they are not alone.”

Pierre's Story

“Sexual abuse isn’t talked about in many black communities and church communities. That’s why I share my story, so that someone else out there knows they aren’t alone.”

L’Tomay’s Story

"just brand me beautiful because that’s who I am and that’s the message I want women and girls to know; they are beautiful despite whatever they experienced.”

Read More Survivor Stories

No one person's story is alike. No one survivor's experience is the same. RAINN's Speakers Bureau includes more than 3,000 survivors from different corners of the country and different life experiences who have a unique and important story to share.