ALPHA SIGMA PHI: Breaking Barriers for Male Survivors of Sexual Violence



Dear Friend,

I want to tell you why the Brothers in Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity work with RAINN. Because sexual violence doesn’t care about gender. Because survivors, no matter their gender, deserve as much support as they can get.

My name is Danny. Since 2013, our fraternity has proudly partnered with RAINN to raise awareness on college campuses across the country about sexual violence. With RAINN’s help, we’re committed to being champions of consent, reporting, and supporting survivors. But we have another goal: to give male survivors of sexual violence the safety and support they need.

Did you know that one in 10 males is a victim of sexual violence? It can happen as a child or as an adult. Men experience trauma – depression, flashbacks, PTSD, and eating disorders, along with isolation and self-doubt. Men’s mental health can deteriorate because of assault. But social barriers can do even more damage. Shame and fear. Questions about their sexuality. Doctors who don’t believe men who report being raped. And society’s attitudes that tell men they’re “less of” or they’re “not strong enough” because they experienced sexual violence.


In Alpha Sigma Phi, we know some of our Brothers are survivors of sexual violence. We also know too many Brothers never had a chance to talk about their trauma before. The barriers are too strong, and the shame and fear are too powerful.

We’re working to destigmatize what it means to be a male victim of sexual violence. Our Brotherhood in Alpha Sigma Phi gives male survivors the space to be vulnerable and to find support as they navigate their lives in the wake of trauma.

Our partnership with RAINN is valuable to our communities on campuses and to the men who once felt that no one would listen or care. When our men host RAINN events, or listen to survivors’ stories, or advocate for legislation that supports survivors, it gives our members the ability to stand up and say, “This cause is important to me because I’m also a victim.”

I’m grateful for what RAINN does for our Brothers and for every survivor. With the tools they provide, our men know they are heard. They know their feelings are validated. They know there’s genuine concern when they speak with experts. And, they know they have the chance they need to regain their sense of selves.

With thanks,

Danny Miller

Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity

P.S. – Will you join Alpha Sigma Phi and partner with RAINN to give survivors of sexual violence a chance to recover from trauma? Your gift can make a difference today. Thank you again.

Alpha Sigma Phi, founded in 1845, has more than 100 chapters at colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada. Danny Miller is the Senior Director of Prevention and Accountability at Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.

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