September 2011

Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg Welcomes RAINN to Hollywood

At an intimate Los Angeles gathering this month, Hollywood insiders learned about RAINN’s vital programs that help survivors of sexual violence. Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife Marilyn co-hosted the evening’s event with Julie Andrews, Holly Robinson Peete, Rodney Peete, KaDee Strickland, Jason Behr and Susanne and Gary Tobey.

RAINN LA Event Group Photo
Event co-hosts Gary and Susanne Tobey, Holly Robinson Peete, Michael Francis and Berit Kyllo Francis, Marilyn Katzenberg, KaDee Strickland,
Jeffrey Katzenberg and Jason Behr

Katzenberg, the CEO of Dreamworks Animation, began the evening by explaining the importance of RAINN’s work, saying, “We are humbled by your attendance during this busy week to give us the chance to tell you about this wonderful organization, RAINN — the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.” Katzenberg was joined by long-time RAINN supporter and board member Berit Kyllo Francis, who shared her personal story of survival with the guests.

Joined by RAINN board members Tracy Sefl and Mick Foley, Scott Berkowitz, RAINN’s founder, thanked the co-hosts, Francis and event attendees saying, “Being embraced by the entertainment community has meant so much to RAINN and we look forward to our continued work together to prevent sexual violence and help victims recover.”

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College Students Team up with RAINN to Fight Sexual Violence on Campus

From Anchorage, Alaska to St. Petersburg, Florida, colleges across the nation participated in RAINN Day 2011. RAINN Day is a grassroots program empowering students to educate their peers about risk reduction and sexual violence recovery. Studies show that college-aged students are four times likelier to be assaulted than any other age group. Whether led by individuals or groups partnering with police departments, university health services and other like-minded organizations, each and every RAINN Day effort made a difference in the fight against sexual violence on campus.

RAINN Day events were as unique as the campuses themselves, ranging from flash mobs and concerts to hosted lunches and social get-togethers to tables staffed with information and opportunities for self-expression through art projects. The University of Maryland- College Park honored RAINN Day with a moment of silence during halftime of their NCAA women's soccer game against Boston College.

Perhaps most significantly, RAINN Day motivated students on campus to make fighting sexual violence a priority. “RAINN Day is a powerful vehicle to get accurate information to college students about sexual violence and how to begin recovering from the crime,” said Katherine Hull, spokesperson for RAINN. “Dedicated and energetic volunteers across the country create dynamic events that are accessible, informative and inclusive of all students.”

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RAINN Day and Cosmo Magazine’s
Multimedia Contest
Cosmo RAINN Day Multimedia Contest

Calling all RAINN Day participants!

Capture the spirit of your RAINN Day event through video and pictures and enter the RAINN Day 2011 Multimedia Contest. One lucky winner will be featured on Cosmopolitan Magazine’s website and profiled in RAINN’s newsletter!

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 RAINN in the News

Society News LASociety News LA
“The Katzenbergs, Strickland, Jason Behr of ‘Roswell’ and ‘The Grudge,’ Holly Robinson Peete, and Susanne and Gary Tobey served as event co-hosts, with guests also including Amy Brenneman of ‘Private Practice,’ Emerald Munoz and Kenna, Annie and Tony Thomas, Ricki and Marvin Ring, Ellen Ziffren, Dick Wolf, Cliff Gilbert-Lurie, RAINN president Scott Berkowitz and others.”
Society News LA describing the high-profile attendees at RAINN’s gathering with Hollywood insiders
“Whether you want to plan a march or a rally, pass out fliers or stage a show, RAINN wants to help you achieve success in getting the word out on your campus about the facts surrounding sexual violence... One in four women will face sexual violence on campus. Enough is enough. So put on your anti-violence thinking caps on and start planning your events, talking to your friends, and even creating your own petitions to affect change in your campus community. Whether your ambitions are large or small, every action in support of RAINN Day 2011 matters.” on how to get involved with RAINN Day to educate college campuses about sexual assault

do logo Do Something
“Be aware of your surroundings. Whether you're walking home from the library or at a party, be mindful of potential risks. Get to know your campus or neighborhood and learn a well-lit walking or driving route. Think of a safe exit strategy. Are there people around who might be able to help you? Is there an emergency phone nearby?” highlighting some of RAINN's Back To School Safety Tips for college students


Lawmakers Making a Difference
Rep Platts
Rep. Todd Platts

“I commend RAINN's commitment to helping survivors of sexual violence. Society must resolve to protect, to the fullest extent possible, our citizens from sexual assault and other violence. It is critical that Congress work together to ensure that victims of these violent crimes receive the support that they need and deserve. I will continue to support efforts at the federal level to prevent and raise awareness about sexual violence.”
— Rep. Todd Platts (R-PA)

Rep Lois Capps
Rep. Lois Capps

“RAINN provides critical services to survivors of sexual abuse. In countless cases, the services provided by RAINN literally save lives. I am proud to support RAINN as it continues its mission to serve those who have been abused and raise awareness to end the cycle of violence.”
— Rep. Lois Capps (D-CA)

More News
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CFC LogoSupport RAINN this year through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the world's largest workplace charity campaign. The CFC provides federal employees with the opportunity to support their favorite charity year-round through payroll deductions in manageable, monthly increments. If you’re a federal employee, please designate RAINN (#10488) in this year’s campaign. If you’d like to help promote RAINN to your colleagues, contact

Spotlight on the Speakers Bureau: Colleen Brase
Colleen Brase

“Being a member of the Speakers Bureau means that I have truly become a survivor. It means that all of the pain and struggles that my family and I went through can be used to educate and spread the word about victims and their families and let them know they are not alone. RAINN has helped millions of people and it is my pleasure to be a part of this movement. Thank you so much again.”

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Volunteer Spotlight: Robert Zorella, Online Hotline Volunteer
Robert Zorella

“Helping people is always enriching. Especially since you are able to make a very fundamental difference at a turning point in their lives. Volunteering at RAINN gives me some perspective in my own life, but also makes me feel like I have the ability to really help people — it's empowering.”

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