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    The Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence Reporting Act, also known as the SAFER Act, is a no-cost bill that will reduce the backlog of untested DNA evidence from open rape cases (commonly known as rape kits).
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    Join us on December 12 in Washington DC for an evening of celebration.

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    One year has passed since thousands of people came together to support survivors of sexual abuse. Help RAINN continue to support survivors so they don't have to go through this alone.
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    RAINN's president and founder, Scott Berkowitz, reflects on the year, thinking about what we've accomplished together since 2010 began.

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    On national television, filmmaker Michael Moore referred to serious allegations of rape as "hooey" — and then donated $20,000 to bail out the alleged rapist. Now RAINN supporters are fighting back with a campaign to raise that amount — or more — to help survivors of sexual violence.

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    More than 150 supporters, volunteers and Congressional leaders joined actress KaDee Strickland and wrestling legend Mick Foley last night to celebrate RAINN’s work helping 1.5 million survivors of sexual violence through the National Sexual Assault Hotlines.

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    ABC’s hit drama, Private Practice, has been working closely with RAINN in preparation for a multi-episode storyline involving sexual violence. In an upcoming episode, Dr. Charlotte King, played by actress KaDee Strickland, will be attacked and raped.

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    Get involved in the conversation and learn more about sexual assault on campus and the recovery resources available.

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    Professional wrestler, New York Times best selling author, and RAINN volunteer, Mick Foley, was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, discussing his work and new book - Countdown to Lockdown.

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    On Friday, November 5th, The Oprah Show will air a landmark show about male childhood sexual abuse. Last month, Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry revealed the devastating details of his childhood sexual abuse in an interview with Oprah, and this Friday, he will return for this special program.

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    Halloween is an exciting time of year, sometimes taking days or weeks to prepare for. But sexual assault is a crime of motive and opportunity, and Halloween celebrations can present additional risks and potentially dangerous situations.

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    RAINN Online Hotline Volunteer, Mick Foley, talks about his mission to help victims of sexual violence. "I cannot think of a better way to spend a few hours a week than helping someone who needs RAINN's services," he says.

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    The Senate Judiciary Committee this month took on the disturbing topic of the reporting and prosecution of rape cases — or, more accurately, the lack of reporting and prosecution.

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    RAINN, along with hundreds of colleges and universities all over the country, is celebrating RAINN Day, the annual grassroots campaign to raise awareness and fight against sexual violence on college campuses.

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    The CW’s hit show “90210” has teamed up with RAINN, the CDC and Hollywood Health & Society, to take on the issue of sexual violence, and the importance of getting help.

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