RAINN Speakers Bureau Member Featured in People Magazine

Holly Dunn Pendleton, a member of RAINN’s Speakers Bureau, was featured in the “Heroes Among Us” section of the June 29, 2009 issue of People magazine. The article, “A Serial Killer’s Sole Survivor,” highlights Holly’s path to recovery and empowerment after her attack.

Holly survived a brutal attack and rape at the hands of a notorious serial killer known as “the Railroad Killer,” who murdered at least 14 other people, including Holly’s boyfriend. After the attack, Holly had a sexual assault forensic exam, also known as a “rape kit.” DNA testing connected her attacker to murders in Texas, Illinois and Florida and played a crucial role in his arrest and conviction.

Holly has spent a significant amount of time volunteering in support of victims and says that she has found that with every victim she helps, she grows a little bit stronger. Holly, who says that she is now “living as a survivor, not a victim,” founded the non-profit Holly’s House in Evansville, IN, which helps police detectives interview victims in a nonthreatening environment. ”

Holly joined the RAINN Speakers Bureau in March 2006 and has been speaking out about her attack on behalf of RAINN. She supports RAINN because she feels that it is important to “know you have someone to turn to when something happens,” and for many, “RAINN may be the only source of support, and having that help is immeasurable.”

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