Sexual Violence on College Campuses - Law & Order: SVU

A special episode of Law & Order: SVU airs Wednesday, November 17 (9pm EST on NBC). While the storyline is not based on true events, the characters, themes and discussions prompted about sexual violence on college campuses are of a very real nature. College-age women are four times more likely to be sexually assaulted than any other age group.

Along with viewing the episode on Nov 17th, NBC & AOL offer several ways for viewers to get involved in the ongoing conversation about sexual violence and its effects. NOTE: This episode includes scenes with dealing with sexual violence, which have the potential to trigger difficult memories for some viewers. Learn about potential challenges for survivors.

Ask questions to the stars of SVU!
“SVU,” AOL and New York University have partnered to present a screening and panel discussion (7:30pm EST) for NYU students, with panelists including “SVU” creator/executive producer Dick Wolf, star Ice-T, and representatives from RAINN and Joyful Heart Foundation.
~ You can submit questions for the panelists at (Discussion tab), or tweet questions to @WolfFilms, with the hashtag #1in4
~ Answers will be displayed at

At Home:
Host a viewing party!
Use this guide to create dialogue after the show's airing. Through these discussion questions, you can increase awareness of sexual violence on college campuses and encourage those already affected to get the help they deserve.
~ Afterward, continue the discussion online at:

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Sexual Assault on College Campuses - Resources

Reduce Your Risk: tips to reduce your risk of sexual assault on campus
What Should I Do If I'm Sexually Assaulted: important steps to follow after you have been sexually assaulted from finding a safe place to being tested for STI's and pregnancy
About RAINN: summary on National Sexual Assault Hotline, National Sexual Assault Online Hotline, policymaking, educating America, and volunteering
Get Carded card: wallet size cards providing information about preventing and recovering from sexual assault
College Brochure: statistics, safety tips, ways to volunteer and information on the hotlines
Statistics: information on the number of sexual assaults per year, age of victims, attacker's relationship to victim, etc.

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