Facebook Chooses RAINN as
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There’s a new way to help survivors of sexual violence, and it’s as simple as saying “Happy birthday,” “Congratulations,” or “Thinking of You” on Facebook!

Facebook’s recently-launched gifting platform now features a new option: charitable gifts.  Facebook users now have the ability to give a donation to RAINN as a gift to a friend or family member, directly from their timeline or the birthday reminders on their newsfeed.  

“RAINN is thrilled to be a part of the charitable gift platform and recognized by Facebook for our work leading the national fight against sexual violence,” Katherine Hull, RAINN’s vice president of communications, said. “Facebook is already an integral part of our community engagement, and now this feature will help us to expand our reach, increasing awareness of sexual violence and funds to help survivors.”

Learn more about the Facebook charity platform and RAINN's involvement.

Sandusky Sentenced to 30-to-60 Years in Prison

Jerry Sandusky will spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted on 45 of 48 charges of sexually abusing children.  Labeling Sandusky “dangerous,” Judge John Cleland ruled that he will not be eligible to apply for parole for 30 years.  He was sentenced to a maximum of 60 years. 

The news shocked the nation while bringing great awareness of childhood sexual assault.  Since the Sandusky story first broke last November, usage of RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Online Hotline has increased 47%, as thousands of survivors have come forward for the first time.

Read the statement from RAINN's president & founder, Scott Berkowitz, on the Sandusky sentencing.

And the RAINN Day/Cosmo Winner Is...

Using colorful umbrellas and Skittles to educate fellow students, a student group at Miami University of Ohio is the winner of the RAINN Day/Cosmo 2012 Multimedia Contest. The contest is co-sponsored by Cosmopolitan magazine, and the winner will be featured on Cosmo’s website.

RAINN Day at Miami University
Members of Miami University's student group WAVES on RAINN Day

With hundreds of schools participating in RAINN Day, the contest was competitive, with exciting events ranging from flash mobs and speak-outs to roundtables and art projects. 

Miami University’s WAVES (Women Against Violence and Sexual Assault) group collected signatures of hundreds of students and teachers on umbrellas to spread the word about sexual violence.  They also created an inspiring video and handed out ribbons and pamphlets to educate students on the issue.

Take a look at Miami University's spirited RAINN Day.

FBI: Forcible Rape Reports Down 2.5%
Department of Justice FBI seal

According to a new report from the FBI, the number of forcible rapes reported to law enforcement declined 2.5% in 2011 from the prior year. The FBI says that 83,425 forcible rapes were reported to police last year. Under the FBI’s current definition of the crime, only “forcible” rapes are included, and only attacks against women are counted.

Earlier this year, after decades of stasis, the FBI announced that it will change the way it defines rape in the future.  In addition to counting crimes against men, the new definition will include rapes in which the attacker uses threats of violence, as well as all rapes in which the victim is a child and thus unable to consent.

Learn more about the report's findings.

Project Model Tee: A Fashionable Night for Charity
Tony Korol-Evans
Project Model Tee supporters

On Oct. 25, Project Model Tee hosted its “Friendship Event” for RAINN, gathering New York City’s fashion models at the breathtaking Hudson Terrace, a rooftop lounge overlooking the Hudson River, to empower voices and instill hope.

Get all the details on the fashionable night.


 RAINN in the News

CNN logo "Now that Sandusky will be locked up and unable to harm more children, our hope is that even more survivors will take their first steps towards recovery — with the confidence that their family, friends and community will believe them and support them."  —RAINN’s Scott Berkowitz on CNN

Penn State Daily Collegian logo“We’ve been deeply involved in the issues related to this cause, and we should do everything we can to increase involvement in organizations like RAINN or other agencies addressing these issues in our community.”  —Penn State’s Daily Collegian.

huffington post logo“While today marks the 18th year in which the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization, RAINN, has worked to raise awareness of the issue and the recovery resources surrounding it, the underlying problems press on.”  —The Huffington Post on RAINN Day

the new york times logo "One way to start turning around this backward approach to sex crimes would be to support the Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence Registry (SAFER) Act, a bipartisan bill in Congress that would help local jurisdictions count and test their rape kits." — New York Times columnist Nicolas Kristof.

Lawmakers Making a Difference
Sen. Richard Burr
Sen. Richard Burr

“I thank RAINN for their vital role in working to prevent sexual assault, assist assault victims, and bring those to justice who perpetrate these heinous acts. Sexual assault is intolerable, and those responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  I am proud to cosponsor the SAFER Act, which is supported by RAINN.  I am hopeful this bill will become law soon so we can bring closure to rape cases and prevent further sexual assault.”
Senator Richard Burr (R-NC)
Sen. Chris Coons
Sen. Chris Coons

Sexual assault is an evil that thrives in darkness.  When we shine light on these horrific acts by educating the public, empowering the victims, and punishing the offenders, we can help break the cycle of abuse. I share RAINN’s commitment to empowering victims of sexual assault and will continue working to help ensure we are doing all we can to prevent crimes, support survivors and bring perpetrators to justice. 
Senator Chris Coons (D-DE)

More News

Join Travel Channel's Adam Richman in DC
rainn event with adam richman

Spend the holidays with the Travel Channel’s Adam Richman and RAINN. On Wednesday, December 12, Richman will host an Evening of Celebration to benefit the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. To join Richman and other RAINN supporters for food and great conversation at DC’s LongView Gallery, purchase tickets today.

Spotlight on the Speakers Bureau: Gregg Milligan
Gregg Milligan

As a member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau, I have come to know without a doubt that RAINN is what humanity needs.  The organization’s task is grand and only made possible by the far-reaching efforts of a humble group of compassionate people.  In addition, RAINN has given me what I need not only to succeed, but to understand and respect myself, which has helped foster a reverence for all living things. 

Learn more about becoming a member of RAINN's Speakers Bureau

Hotline Spotlight: Tony Korol-Evans, Online Hotline Staffer
Tony Korol-Evans


It is an honor and a privilege to be able to work with the visitors to the hotline who are reaching out to find a way to a "new normal" after having had so much taken from them.  Being a RAINN employee means that I get to come to work everyday knowing that I have the opportunity to help someone begin or continue on a journey to healing from what is probably the most horrendous experience of their lives. Working for RAINN means knowing that every day provides the potential to help someone that way.

Learn more about volunteering for RAINN

Did You Know?
did you know

October 10 was World Mental Health day. Did you know that survivors of sexual assault are three times more likely to suffer from depression?

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