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Christina Ricci speaks to Congress for RAINN

Talking about sexual assault is a powerful way to help reduce the stigma, teach young adults ways to reduce their risks, and help survivors learn where to turn for treatment.

There are many ways to educate the public about this important issue:
  • Contact your local media and encourage them to write stories on sexual assault. RAINN's Speakers Bureau serves as a resource for reporters, and the organization can be contacted for interviews or information.
  • Ask local organizations, clubs, or churches in your area to post RAINN information in their newsletters.
  • Post RAINN banners on websites, or social-networking sites like and
  • Contact local organizations and schools about posting RAINN information on their website. you can ask them to post one of the volunteer recruitment blurbs on this page, or write your own.
  • Distribute RAINN materials at public events or on a college campus in your community. Click here to download a wide array of materials to help spread the word.
  • Arrange a speaking event at your church or at a local university, and invite someone from RAINN's Speakers Bureau to come and share.
  • If you are a survivor of sexual assault, speak out! Share your experience and help others who may still be struggling. Join the RAINN Speakers Bureau.

Here are materials you can use to assist you in your outreach efforts:

  • Banner Ads - Banner ads are great for websites, blogs or anything on the Internet. Clicking on a banner ad will automatically direct potential volunteers to RAINN's sign-up form. Just cut and paste the html code (or send it to the manager for a particular website).
  • Short Blurbs - You can easily cut and paste these short paragraphs into emails or directly into newsletters, Websites, etc.
  • Longer Blurbs - If you'd like to include more information about RAINN or the Online Hotline, consider these options.
  • Sample Media Letter - Not sure what to say in an email to local media? Check out our sample media letter for some ideas.
  • Online Hotline Volunteer Sign-up Form

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