RAINN Day 2010: Photos & Testimonials

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RD 2010 DSC
Dixie State College

"For Dixie State College’s first RAINN Day, 30 participants organized a full day of activities! We handed out 1500 teal ribbons and information around campus. On the grass, we placed 800 cardstock teal ribbons skewered into the ground that represented the amount of Dixie State College students (according to 2009 statistics) that have been or will be raped or sexually abused at some point in their life." ~ Cory Sutton

RD 2010 BC
Boston College

"The Undergraduate Student Government printed matching tshirts saying 'Sexual Assault Awareness Day' (including the number for the Boston College 24/7 hotline), stood in the most trafficked area of campus, held up signs with statistics, and handed out information to passersby. Many students signed up for important programs like Bystander Education Student Trainers (BEST) and SANet. Our Boston College Police Department was on hand with whistles, magnets, and registration for the Rape Aggression Defense Program."
~ Alicia Johnson

RD 2010 CSR
College of Saint Rose

"This year, the Counseling Center teamed up with the Stop Abuse Action Committee to host a RAINN Day event. We set up an informational table with a huge assortment of pamphlets and resources – both from RAINN and other local organizations. Students were invited to sign an anti-violence pledge poster, as well as enter into a raffle. The raffle tickets along with donations made from the bake sale collectively raised $150!" ~ Lindsay Goldberg

RD 2010 PC
Purchase College

"For RAINN Day this year, Victim Assistance Services teamed up with The Alternative Clinic and the Counseling Department to host a “Realities of Sexual Assault” symposium, consisting of a panel of speakers. Later that evening, we held a screening of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, followed by a discussion. Attendees were encouraged to express themselves through various art mediums such as button making, tshirt design, and creating individual teardrops. The final “RAINNdrop Banner” will be kept in The Alternative Clinic to continue raising awareness."
~ Rebecca Desimone

RD 2010 PSH
Pennsylvania State University - Harrisburg

"For the few days prior, student clubs and organizations on campus were invited to decorate umbrellas with fabric markers and/or sign their name in the cutout of a hand, stating, 'I pledge that I am against sexual violence.' On RAINN Day, Jennifer Allshouse from the National Self Defense Institute taught 5 basic self-defense moves and provided information that may reduce the risk of exposure to violence. That evening, the Gallery Lounge held a viewing of “Rape Under the Influence: Sexual Assault on Campus,” and a student panel discussed things that Penn State –Harrisburg can do to help solve the problem of sexual violence on campus." ~ Toni Chainey

RD 2010 IUP
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"The Center for Health and Well-Being invited student organizations to "chalk the grove" - an area in-between a few buildings, frequented by students. We spent months decorating umbrellas with RAINN and Alice Paul House (our local rape crisis center) information, and placed around 40 on the ground in the grove. We created an IUP RAINN Day banner, which, along with all the chalking, was a wonderful sight to see on campus. We asked volunteers to carry decorated umbrellas and pass out Get Carded cards on campus all day." ~ Darla Barie

RD 2010 ASU
Angelo State University

"The Concho Valley Rape Crisis Center held an event called "Chalk It Up." From 5-7:00pm, groups of volunteers were stationed outside every dorm, chalking statistics and other information in bright colors. We also set up an information table outside the largest dorm on campus."
~ Mindy Murphy

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