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RD 2009
Boston College

"Sexual Assault Awareness Day' has become an annual event at Boston College (running for three years). This year, we had dozens of people sign-up for self defense and Bystander Education, and hundreds of students received information about sexual assault." ~ Alicia Johnson

RD 2009
College of Saint Rose

"We had 100 students sign the anti-violence pledge and then displayed it in highly trafficked areas on campus. We also raised over $75 at our fundraiser, which we donated to women who had their clothes confiscated during medical examinations and could not afford to buy new clothing."
~ Lindsay Goldberg

RD 2009
Dillard University

"During the day, we gave our support ribbons to students as they signed our poster, which had a pledge that read, 'I pledge not to commit nor support rape, abuse or incest!' We selected a movie to show at night and had a great turnout. When we provided students with the statistics about sexual assault, they were stunned." ~ Yvette Hooker

RD 2009
Endicott College

"Members of REACH Peer Education, Resident Life Staff, and students worked together in painting 12 umbrellas that were then hung up on RAINN Day. REACH Peer Educators worked with the North Shore Rape Crisis Center in handing out information on the Hotline services."
~ Lindsey Shrayer

RD 2009
George Mason University

"All sororities came together to educate students about sexual assault and abuse. There were several events held during the week: Monday - Talk to the Hand - invited students to purchase a cardboard hand to say they will not tolerate abuse; Tuesday - California Pizza Kitchen - 20% of the proceeds were donated to RAINN; Saturday - Cinema - two students spoke of their experiences as a rape victim and a rape victim's best friend." ~ Fatima Smith

RD 2009
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"Different student organizations on campus passed out Get Carded cards with candy, walked around campus wearing ponchos and decorated umbrellas, and chalked areas of campus with information and statistics. Later that night, a concert was put on with three local rock bands, with an estimated 50 people in attendance." ~ Darla Barie

RD 2009
McMinn County High School

"Over 700 students passed by the table of information set up at McMinn County High School. On display were handouts of information discussing statistics, getting help and becoming directly involved in the fight. There were also large posters and a bright blue umbrella filled with signatures of students dedicated to ending sexual violence." ~ Counselor

RD 2009
Peru State College

"To begin, a huge RAINN banner was made, and students were invited to sign the banner in support of abuse victims. During lunchtime, there were survivor speakers in the campus student center, telling their stories and answering questions. A free concert was offered after dinner where students could listen to great music and possibly win a RAINN Benefit CD." ~ Ashley Schneider

RD 2009
San Jose State University

"Members of the group 'Women on Women Issues' chose to put on a RAINN Day demonstration not only to promote awareness of sexual assault, but also to prompt people who have been victimized to speak out and get help. Every 2 minutes, outside Clark Hall, another member would drop to the ground, demonstrating the number of people in the U.S. falling victim to sexual violence." ~ Staci Gunner

RD 2009
St. Clair Community College

"More than 125 people attended a presentation which discussed sexual assault awareness and prevention, date rape drugs, prosecuting offenders and victims' rights, and services provided by Safe Horizons. The event was sponsored by the Port Huron Police Dept., Safe Horizons, St. Clair County Community College Campus Patrol, St. Clair County Community College Social Science Dept., St. Clair County Prosecutor’s Office and St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office." ~ Chris Sebastian

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