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Fundraise for #Speak4RAINN15 at your bookstore and you can win an author visit from Laurie Halse Anderson!

The Concept:
In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month and the 15-year anniversary of Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, Laurie has joined forces with RAINN and Macmillan Publishers to create #Speak4RAINN15 — a twitter campaign to raise funds and connect survivors with the help they deserve.

How You Can Help:
Spread the word about Speak’s 15th anniversary and the important work done by RAINN. Encourage your customers to donate to RAINN and/or host a #Speak4RAINN15 fundraising event during the month of April and the store that raises the most money will win a visit from Laurie!

Your campaign or event can run anywhere from a day to the entire month of April. On Thursday, May 1, store totals will be tallied and the winning store will be contacted the following week. Laurie’s visit to your bookstore will be arranged for a mutually agreed upon date.

Fundraising/Campaign Ideas:

Campaign and Event Ideas:
Below, we’ve included ideas for campaigns/fundraisers, and information on how to donate. Please feel free to use any of the options below or come up with an idea that best fits the culture of your store.

  • Charity Check-out Campaign:
    Encourage customers to donate $1 at checkout. This can be done through a tablet set to, through a donation jar, or through personal checks made out to RAINN.
  • Information Table with Donation Capability:
    Using the downloadable materials below, set up a display table about RAINN and Speak in your store and encourage customers to donate to the campaign. Please make sure that the display is stationed near the cash register, so that money is monitored.
  • Host a Survivor of Sexual Violence to Speak at your Store:
    Host a survivor of sexual violence to speak at your bookstore about how Speak has affected their recovery process. Please contact RAINN directly at if you’re interested in hosting a speaker. Recommend a $5 donation at the door, and allow for Q&A after the talk.
  • Donate through Book Sales of Speak:
    Through the month of April, donate a percentage of every copy of Speak that your store sells to RAINN. A check can be sent to RAINN at the end of the month for the total.
  • Print Materials:
    Please feel free to print any of the downloadable materials below to include on a display table, or to distribute to customers.

    Speak Poster

    RAINN One-Pager


    RAINN Post Card

    Guidelines for Accepting Donations:
    You can accept donations in one of two ways — through credit card at, or by check.

    • Credit card donations:

    • Individual customers can donate to, and so can store locations. Instructions are the same for both individuals and store representatives:
        2) Enter the amount of money you would like to donate under the “My Gift Amount” section.
        3) Select your bookstore from the drop down menu under the “My Gift Amount” section.
        4) Donate!
      →If your store has wifi, you can set up a tablet and allow people to make donations directly through
    • Check donations:

    • You can collect individual checks from customers (must be made out to RAINN) as well as cash. Please combine all cash into a money order and send the money order as well as any personal checks to RAINN at:
      Support RAINN
      1220 L Street, NW
      Suite 505
      Washington, DC 20005

    If you have any questions about #Speak4RAINN15, email Katie Fee at

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    A $25 monthly gift can educate 15,000 people about preventing sexual violence. Can you think of a better way to spend $1 a day?

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