Understanding Department of Education Policies on Sexual Violence

RAINN’s top priority is supporting survivors of sexual violence, and that includes ensuring the safety and security of college students.

RAINN has worked for years to inform and support efforts to ensure campuses meet the complex needs of individuals affected by sexual violence.

This work includes direct conversations and collaboration with key decision makers, including leadership at the U.S. Department of Education, college administrators, students, leaders from the Greek community, and survivors of campus sexual assault. RAINN works to create a system that supports survivors and where individuals feel they can come forward and report these crimes.

Federal policies on handling sexual violence continue to evolve. The Department of Education recently rescinded specific policies and protocols related to how campuses respond to sexual violence and will propose new policies this fall, and the public will have an opportunity to weigh in on these proposed rules. RAINN is watching for the proposal and and will be ready to provide analysis and advice as soon as it is released in order to amplify the voices and needs of survivors and those working to assist them.

For immediate news and analysis on the Department of Education’s campus sexual assault proposals, please continue to check this page and sign up below for updates.

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