Spokespersons and Supporters

RAINN is proud to work with high profile individuals who raise the visibility of sexual violence and provide critical support to our programs and services. From actors to authors and every talent in between, this generous and ever-expanding group of individuals offers their support in a variety of ways:

  • Raising the visibility of sexual violence and connecting survivors with help through media interviews, social media outreach and PSAs for the National Sexual Assault Hotline
  • Advocating for legislation that facilitates justice for survivors and safety for the public
  • Raising critical funds for RAINN to support survivors of sexual violence, educate the public about sexual violence and improve public policy

Christina Ricci
Since 2006, actress Christina Ricci has worked with RAINN raising awareness on issues of sexual assault and abuse. As RAINN’s national spokesperson, Ricci has advocated for legislation on Capitol Hill as well as helped mobilize national support for the organization via public service announcements. 

Tori Amos
Musical artist and survivor Tori Amos has inspired thousands of people through her music and activism to be more aware about the reality of sexual violence. As RAINN’s first spokesperson, she placed the first ceremonial call to the National Sexual Assault Hotline in 1994 and helped RAINN quickly become one of the nation’s best known organizations. To this day, she continues to inspire her fans and help RAINN provide critical support to survivors across the country.

Neil Gaiman
Inspired by his close friendship with Tori Amos, prolific and award-winning writer Neil Gaiman has been a longtime supporter of RAINN. He has raised awareness through social media efforts on his blog and personal Twitter, organized matching gift campaigns, donated proceeds from his publications, and elevated the visibility of sexual violence issues across the country—and world.

Mick Foley
Known for his dominating presence on the WWE scene and his New York Times Best Selling books, Mick Foley (aka Mankind, Cactus Jack) has offered invaluable support for RAINN. Mick was inspired to get involved with RAINN by his friend Tori Amos, whose music he listened to before his WWE matches. As an Online Hotline volunteer, he provided more than 450 hours of anonymous support to survivors. He also provides financial support to RAINN through personal donations and an annual fundraising raffle.

KaDee Strickland
Actress KaDee Strickland, best known for her character Charlotte King on the TV show Private Practice, was inspired by her role to learn more about the reality of sexual violence and get involved with RAINN. KaDee became a beacon of hope for survivors around the country and helped to promote the National Sexual Assault Hotline. She has supported RAINN on Capitol Hill by advocating to eliminate the backlog of untested DNA evidence, and she designed a necklace in partnership with Gorjana, the proceeds of which were donated to RAINN.

The list of generous supporters is long and ever-growing. For your continued support, we thank you.  

  • Paige Adams-Gellar 
  • Laurie Halse Anderson
  • Kevin Bacon
  • Dylan McDermott
  • Adam Richman
  • Alice Sebold
  • Gabrielle Union
  • Kimberly Wyatt 

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